10 Things About Skyrim That Might Suck

We have seen quite a few lists involving the highly anticipated upcoming next installment in The Elder Scrolls franchise, Skyrim, but it's rare to see one that's not made to gush about the promised improvements for the game like this list of ten things that "might suck", courtesy of the Geekly news. Here's the first two, and I think many of our readers will agree with the writer's doubts:
The UI and menu system

Described here as '˜pure sex' could be really, really clunky and annoying. It looks like it'll be great on consoles, but on a PC? Probably not so much.

I suspect it may be annoying to have to constantly jump in and out of submenus to view, compare, or equip items. Think of it this way: Todd Howard (Todd, from now on. Like we're buddies.) described it by saying that they have '˜thousands of these things, and what's really cool is that they're all in 3D. . Literally thousands of objects.) I think this is a Great Thingâ„¢. Really, I do. I just don't want to have to spend an hour finding that wheatgrass I just picked up. We'll see if the UI and menus are as quick and simple to use as they are pure sexy.

The dumbing down of my RPG

27 skills in Morrowind. 21 skills in Oblivion. 18 skills in Skyrim. Let me jump over a house, goddammit! This is a disturbing trend that is evident in most big RPG franchises nowadays. Less skills, less customization, less. everything. in the ungodly name of '˜streamlining'. Now, I'm all for cutting to make a game better. Which this may do. It might be that they have ferreted out the exact skills that were pointless in Oblivion and kept in all the ones that are useful and fun and made sense in your character progression.

But I guarantee people are still gonna bitch that they can't jump over a house with their acrobatics maxed. Or beat the tar out of everyone in the game with Hand to Hand. I might not notice they're missing, but I'm sure some people will.