Emissary of War Announced, Trailer

Those of us who have followed BioWare since the early days are familiar with the name Tobyn Manthorpe, the skilled artist and engineer who contributed heavily to Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: KotOR, Jade Empire, and even Dragon Age: Origins. After leaving BioWare a few years ago, he founded a mobile game company called Cedar Hill Games, and today we've been introduced to his team's first major iOS project - a fully voiced, story-heavy action RPG called Emissary of War. The game's first two screenshots can be found in our image gallery, while the announcement trailer awaits you below:

A great write-up covering the game's premise and goals can be found on the Evolve PR website, too:
You play a barbarian named Ghent, sent on a diplomatic mission that will finally bring peace to your realm. Of course, something goes wrong and you have to fight for your life while you try to uncover who is plotting against your Dominion. An alchemist named Hassock is on hand to give you support with potions, and you will need to adjust your tactics and approaches as you encounter different enemies along the way. The story has twists and turns and monsters and evil henchmen.it's got everything you need for a good solid fantasy tale without sacrificing the chopping. Mysteries to solve, villains to whack. What's not to love?

It has a homegrown 3D engine, cutscenes and voice acting, and even achievements. This is not a iPhone tie-in to a larger AAA franchise Emissary of War is a wholly original product designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

When? Soon. Emissary of War is almost complete and I am looking forward to getting my hands on a build.

Sounds like we'll be seeing this one later this summer.