Twenty Things Skyrim is Missing

OXM editorializes on Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which despite not being released yet is already a game of the year candidate with a set of 20 identifiable things it's missing, some for better, some for worse.
16. Dwarves

Depending on who you read/believe, Tamriel's dwarfs are either extinct, confined to subterranean settlements or gone from this plane of existence entirely. We explored Dwemer ruins in Morrowind. Now we'd like to meet their architects face to face.

17. Gunpowder weapons

The day Bethesda puts guns in an Elder Scrolls game will be the day the entire internet picks itself up, wrenches the continent of North America out of the sea and casts it into the sun. Still, we think a very small selection of adequately balanced gunpowder weapons, tucked away in the furthest reaches of the game world, could make a decent contribution to the experience.

18. Jumping to raise agility

Oblivion's grow-by-doing attitude to character stats meant you had to bounce up and down as though saddled with a full bladder to max out your agility. Skyrim does things differently. Let us never speak of this again.