Dungeon Siege III Reviews

Today being the 4th of July doesn't mean that the press stopped reviewing Square Enix and Obsidian's first attempt at the hack'n'slash genre, Dungeon Siege III, nor that the title is going to get a less mixed reception.

Gamer Euphoria, 3/5.
Overall Dungeon Siege 3 isn't a particularly great single player experience, the lack of flare and originality and the repetitive nature of the game leaves the player feeling somewhat underwhelmed. The game lacks an engrossing story and engrossing characters which leaves the already hollow world feeling rather lifeless. Combat may decent enough but it lacks the depth of other titles in the genre. Co-op is a fun option but still suffers from the underlining issues of the game. Fans of the genre may find elements to enjoy in Dungeon Siege 3 but everyone else will end up frustrated and bored with it. While it's not the worst game this year it's certainly nothing memorable.

GamingBolt, 7.5/10.
Dungeon Siege 3 is not a bad game but, I see it as best being played alone or in two player local co-op. Fans from the older games might not like a lot of the changes made in the game, but bringing it to consoles has brought a whole new base of gamers that play on consoles only and love RPG's. So between the well working combat system and the very easy RPG elements to jump into the game if definitely fun for a playthrough, but with there being four character classes that expect you to play through as all of them to get the most our of the game, I would expect a much more interesting story, where the depth of it, is new to the franchise with Obsidian adding their style to it. The game is really hard to match up with other console RPG's that are being released now a days like Dragon Age among others.

GameFreaks, 7/10.
As a whole the game offers a good, but not great, dungeon crawling experience. I enjoyed it but felt it was missing that little extra that makes the difference. You will get plenty out of the game if you enjoy the genre but just don't be expecting anything grand. Although the game offers plenty of time for the single player experience it is best played with a mate.

Game-Insider, 7/10.
It seems for every step forward that Obsidian took it would take two steps backwards immediately after that step! I really enjoyed my time with DSIII. The games graphics are a treat to watch. Nevertheless, graphics alone cannot save a game. DSIII's faults don't drag it down to being un-playable by no means. However, there are a lot glaring issues that need to be resolved. If you're playing with friends it's a blast. Online with people you don't know is a different story altogether. If you're a fan of RPG's, DSIII is not to be missed. Again, even with all the issues stated above, I still had A LOT of fun playing this game. At the end of the day that's what its about.

Any fan of action RPG's will find a good time here, and even some action game fans will be entertained, but players looking for something to stimulate their cerebral muscles will not find anything here, while hardcore gamers will probably do better waiting for something like The Witcher 2 on console, or picking up the older PC versions of Dungeon Siege for a steal.