Dungeon Siege III Reviews

We have rounded up another batch of reviews for Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment's attempt at resurrecting the Dungeon Siege franchise, Dungeon Siege III, although whether the attempt was successful or not is to anyone's guess judging by the mixed reception.

The Adrenaline Vault, "Buy it".
Reflecting on this experience I must say that I enjoyed my time with Dungeon Siege III. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I had zero expectations going in. The game shines in some aspects, is unpolished in others, and overall evens out to a something that might be mediocre, yet pleasant. Having beaten it I am not at all inclined to think that my time was wasted, I got a fair dose of reasonably good entertainment, and I have nothing to complain about. Price-wise, however, I would probably not be overly willing to pay $50 for it. Waiting for a sale or a price-drop sounds much more reasonable to me, but then again, I am not a fan of this particular genre. As is always the case with games that have demos out my advice is to grab the demo and see whether you like it or not. Just keep in mind that the game starts slow, and then gets progressively better towards the end.

BeefJack, 5.5/10.
Skipping straight to the end so that you have all the abilities sounds a bit like cheating, but it's where the game becomes most fun, if a little messy on the visual front. Running around on your own or with dull AI companions does not compare to running around with three other players all frantically blasting spells at varying enemies. Still, while this is a dazzling display, it means characters and enemies become a little lost among the haze of light I even struggled to track where my own character was at times, leading to confusion and frustration.

But that's nothing compared to the core issue. Dungeon Siege III is toast without butter, beer without alcohol, and Bruce Wayne without his Batman alter-ego: it's entirely functional, but entirely uninspiring at the same time. It just feels like a Friday afternoon at work, where the clock has become trapped in a time vortex that leaves you longing for an end that never comes. Let's make this clear: aside from the save points, there is nothing outstandingly wrong with Dungeon Siege III, and from the outset it looks like a polished, accomplished game. Sadly, the lack of any excitement means wandering through the fantasy Kingdom of Ehb is a trudge from which you'll want to escape.

LazyGamer, 7.5/10.
Despite the inevitable hate it'll get from PC gamers, it's actually a well put together action RPG that'll entertain newcomers and those who just want hack and slash to their hearts content until Diablo III finally gets released.

The Paranoid Gamer, 6.5/10.
Dungeon Siege III is great at some points; however as a package it's completely mediocre. RPG fans will find some things to like, but casual fans will hardly have the patience to explore everything this title has to offer.

Today Online, 3.5/5.
Dungeon Siege 3 can be seen as a RPG for gamers new to the genre. The character upgrade system is easy to understand, and the game paces itself well. Boss fights are epic, and the locales in the game range from gloomy looking caves to beautiful vistas. Quests in Dungeon Siege 3 are interesting and there is a variety of challenges to ensure that things never get dull.

Warp Zoned, 4/5.
Dungeon Siege III does everything you would expect from an action RPG. It's not flashy, but it doesn't try to be. Instead, players get a solid game with a compelling story and a quest that'll make you want to keep playing until the end. I'm definitely looking forward to raising the banner of the 10th Legion and defending the Kingdom of Ehb again in the future.