Dungeon Siege III Reviews

The flood of reviews for Obsidian Entertainment's first attempt at the hack'n'slash genre doesn't seem to be anywhere close to dying down, and we've rounded up some new critiques for Dungeon Siege III.

Psychobuttons, 4/5 (which, weirdly enough, is described as an "average" score).
In closing I would say that Dungoen Siege III is not a bad game, but it is not a especially great one either. The story is boiler plate, safely entrenched in the modes and settings that most people are familiar with. The characters are also average, fitting mostly into the archtypes of your typical fantasy RPG game. The controls work well, I liked the three button configureation for the Talents, and the menus are easy enough to use. The graphics are decent, and the items are useful, if a bit oddly named in some cases. The game even has a bit of humor, which makes it better. But all in all I would say this is an average game, nothing really special. If I were to recommend what to do, buy, rent, or forget it, I would say at this point that it is definitely a rental game, at least until the price goes down a bit. If I was pressed to give a score as well, and I am, I would also give it a 4 out of 5, average but not bad. Dungeon Siege was enough of a game, but it could have been a little more.

Delta Gamer, 7.5/10.
Dungeon Siege III is a good game for those who enjoy the hack and slash dungeon crawl. There are multiple paths to your goals, and the story changes to suit your character choice. This game is not made to be an epic, but will certainly satisfy your need to bash things repeatedly.

Examiner, 4/5.
It's unfortunate that the problems with voice acting and facial expression will turn a number of people off to this game. Ironically many times the script writing and acting are what turn a lot of people off to Sci-Fi and Fantasy books and movies too. The core mechanics of this game are in many superior to its competitors and fantasy RPG fans should definitely give this game a try. Downloadable content is coming and could be a determining factor on the lasting power of Dungeon Siege III.

Digital Spy, 3/5.
Dungeon Siege III is a laudable attempt at reinventing the RPG series, but many of its new features fall flat. The dialogue-heavy approach isn't a great fit for the series, and the visuals and treasures on offer are uninspired. Combat has been effectively streamlined, making the action sequences fun to plough through a dozen times over, but the harsh restrictions on co-op play prevent it from having any real staying power. Obsidian's take on the dungeon-crawling role-player is an a bold attempt at redesigning the franchise for the console generation that fails to swerve many pitfalls.

The Globe and Mall, 7.5/10.
Dungeon Siege III is respectful of its narrative roots, and most of its modest innovations within the genre are welcome. Had its PC controls been a little more traditional it could have been the dungeon crawler to beat this year especially with Blizzard's Diablo III still lacking a launch window. Who knows? If Obsidian releases an update to the PC interface, it still could be.