Might & Magic Heroes VI Q&A

Ubisoft community developer Irina Kassina has answered to many frequently asked questions about Might & Magic Heroes VI's closed beta, beta keys and DRM in a short Q&A. Here's an excerpt on DRM:
1. Is it possible to play offline (DRM) ?

You have been all asking questions about Might & Magic Heroes VI and DRM. Here are the details: Might & Magic Heroes VI is fully playable offline. If you choose to play while connected with your Ubisoft account, you can gain access to extra game features. These bonuses are all part of what we call the Conflux and are only available when playing online.

What's the Conflux?

The Conflux will extend your experience and allow the whole community to be part of the game:

'¢ Create your online profile, share and compare your achievements and progress

'¢ Check out the latest Might & Magic news and chat directly within the game

'¢ Manage and customize your heroes and weapons online

'¢ Unlock exclusive bonuses