Dungeon Siege III Interview

With the game still a few days off for those of us here in North America, it's probably a reasonable guess that this interview with Dungeon Siege III associate producer Nathan Davis on Gaming Illustrated will be the last pre-release Q&A we'll be treated to. A sampling from it:
GI: You're showing off Dungeon Siege III, one of the most anticipated games for PC and now we're seeing a huge shift for the series for console gamers. Is there a tug of war here or are you going to make everybody happy?

ND: You know we try to make everybody happy. Bringing it over to console was something that I think was right and something that we could really bring that action RPG flavor into the console world and console gamers love that. They'll be picking up the game and hanging out with their friends playing multiplayer and killing a bunch of baddies and getting more powerful. And PC gamers have known about that for a long time.


GI: So with this game there are four present characters, you build them up. It's not open ended as get to make your own guy and you start as a peon. How big was the tug of war in putting that into the game and what's the payoff?

ND: Well the payoff is that each character plays really well. They have interesting things they can do, they look great, they have really cool visual effects. Just game play wise you're not going to make a bad character. You're not going to screw up doing something, it's going to be something that's a really fun build no matter what you do. However I will say that within each of those characters there is a lot of customization. You can actually customize each of your abilities to work exactly how you want them to work and I think that ended up being pretty successful. So no matter what you do, when you pick up a controller and play the game you're going to have fun.