Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

The guys at Curse have conjured up an article-style interview with the BioWare doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about Star Wars: The Old Republic, their favorite aspects of the game, and their thoughts on the new content that was shown at last week's E3.
"I think people were impressed with the skill trees, and the depth of the customization possibilities. There are eight classes, sixteen advanced classes and then each of those has three really deep skill trees that totally modify and augment your character," said Muzyka. "There's probably not a 'best build,' you know? In a lot of games it's like 'Hey, ok, this is the best build.' and we're trying to avoid that, to have lots of options," Zeschuk added.

"Certainly all the archtypes that players in MMOs enjoy are covered," Muzyka said regarding the various roles traditional MMOs offer. BioWare has put a bit of the Star Wars spin on things, though. The design team took inspiration from Han Solo, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other iconic Star Wars characters for the base of the classes. "Beyond that you want to let people personalize and customize," he added.

But it's not just the iconic characters attendees are enjoying in The Old Republic. It's the overall breadth of the game, according to the two luminaries. "They love the fact that we're showing now, not quite everything--we've got a few tricks up our sleeve--but most of the game," Muzyka said. "The high level stuff, the classes, the worlds. They're really excited to be able to play this stuff at E3 for the first time."

And then there's the story. BioWare is trying something no other game studio has attempted so far with a massively multiplayer game, and they're very excited about it. "We love the idea of meaningful choice with personal consequence. It helps to fulfil that inspiration that you're on a hero's journey," Muzyka said. "It's kind of magical, the idea that you can be, not one of those characters in the movie, but a character like one of those in the movie in your own personal saga."