Dungeon Siege III Preview

There's a brief preview of Dungeon Siege III on Hooked Gamers today, and since it doesn't appear to be based on any hands-on time with the game, it pretty much amounts to a six-paragraph summary of the action RPG sequel. It never hurts to brush up on your DS3 knowledge, though, does it?
At its heart, Dungeon Siege III is an action RPG that seeks to scratch the Diablo itch. Instead of playing a class, however, you play as one of four characters - Lucas Montbarron (a warrior), Anjali (a fire spirit), Reinhart Manx (a mage), and Katarina (a gunslinger). For the first time in the franchise's 9-year history, Dungeon Siege is coming to consoles so, naturally, combat has undergone some tweaking and is now a faster-paced affair. Each character will be able to use different battle stances, and each stance will have its own abilities. Anjali, for example, can use her human form to go toe-to-toe with enemies with a staff or spear, or she can use her spirit form to clear the room with a few well-placed AoE fire attacks. The wizard Reinhart, meanwhile, can either use dynamic magic to shock and stun his foes, or he can use entropic magic to clear away multiple enemies from a distance.

Add to all that a plethora of weapons and armors to find and equip and it seems as if the various customization options will ensure that there's a little something for everyone, whether your combat philosophy is to (kill it with fire) or (stick it with the pointy end.)