Dungeon Siege III Magazine Reviews

Review copies for Obsidian and Square Enix's Dungeon Siege III are out, and while no online publication seems to have put up anything online yet, some German magazines have already put out their reviews as some users at the Obsidian Entertainment forums have reported.
GameStar: 80 % (which is their lowest rated Obsidian game, including the NWN2 addons, excluding FNV DLC). The coop was rated separately, saying it's very good and a lot of fun.


Quest/Story: 7/10
+ heroes with different storys
+ nice main quest with choices...
- ... but the solution is at the end very fragmentary and kludgy

Character development: 8/10
+ easy to understand
+ three different stances with three subordinated skills
+ useful passive skills
- you can't create your hero from scratch

Combat system: 9/10
+ a catchy 'ballet' of attack, defense and healing
+ you have to use special attacks
+ helpful companions
- you can't give commands to your companion

PC Games (Germany): 85 %

+Very thought of, action based battle system
+No lenghts during the game. Everythings seamlessly.
+Atmospheric, varied world/dungeons
+Interesting,complex story with C&C
- that isn't that influential
- Charachters act like puppets in dialog
- A little short in comparison to the previous DS games.