Dungeon Siege III Preview

Previews for Obsidian's Dungeon Siege III keep coming out and this time it's G4TV that goes hands-on on the title, explaining what differentiates Dungeon Siege III from its contenders in the same genre.
One of the aspects of Dungeon Siege 3 that I don't think many people are talking about is tempo. This is a fast ride. In other dungeon crawlers, you often find yourself going back into areas just to level up, collect more money, or running back into town for potions. The good people over at Obsidian have practically done away with that. That's not to say that this RPG is easy - far from it. DS3 gives you the tools you need for each battle. By varying the kinds of attacks, you can take on different situations such as the fight that I described above.

Another notable element is the focus system. You don't worry about potions in this game. Instead, you gain focus by fighting. If you enter a battle low on focus, you can rest on your basic attack until you build up enough focus for a devastating special attack. You can even use focus to heal yourself. Many battles ended with only a couple of scrapes and me fully prepared for the next group of attackers. In my few, pre-build hours with the game, I never felt the need to grind for more loot or higher levels. It's all very streamlined to bring the action of PC dungeon crawling to the fast-paced expectations of a console user.