Why I Quit World of Warcraft

After recent news of 600K users leaving World of Warcraft, Venture Beat editorializes on why he left the MMORPG and what he thinks is the likely cause of the recent exodes.
I think Blizzard dropped the ball by trying to artificially extend the life of the expansion by making the game too hard for casual players. I got to the end of Cataclysm and started running heroic dungeons suped up versions of the regular dungeons that are designed to be the next natural level of progression. They have better rewards that are more suited to their difficulty. And I was struck by just how hard those dungeons were.

Like, really hard. Ridiculously hard. Enough to make me start yelling at my screen.

It was enough to get me a casual player frustrated just about every time I attempted a new dungeon. Instead of getting excited about meeting new people I would furiously pore over their equipment to make sure they were up to par for the challenge, and I would end up leaving the group after we died the first few times. There are always exceptions some groups were golden, and we would blaze through dozens of dungeons but for the most part the end of the game was almost impossible to experience for a casual player.