Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Profiled

The official Star Wars: The Old Republic website is featuring an assortment of details on the Sith Inquisitor, a class in BioWare's upcoming MMO that can be branched into assassins or sorcerers. Included among the coverage is a holonet record for the profession, a holonet profile of Khem Val, a holonet profile of the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor starship, and a new class video. Enjoy:

Additionally, GameSpot is featuring an exclusive Q&A with BioWare Austin's Georg Zoeller about the class:
GS: We understand that at level 10, inquisitors, like all other characters in The Old Republic, can choose one of two advanced classes; in this case, the assassin or the sorcerer. How do the two classes differ?

GZ: All classes get to choose between two advanced classes after leaving their origin planet at level 10. Advanced classes let you specialize your character into one of several directions and add new abilities and skills to your arsenal. The two available to the inquisitor are the Sith assassin and the Sith sorcerer.

Characters with the assassin advanced class get to wield a double-bladed lightsaber like Darth Maul, and they can also cloak themselves with the Force and use various powerful lightsaber and Force attacks. Depending on the skills selected by players at each level, this advanced class can develop into a powerful damage dealer, a hybrid, or even a tank role.

Characters that choose the sorcerer class will find a strong array of Force-based abilities at their disposal. There are, of course, the ever-popular Force lightning attacks, such as lightning strike; overload (a powerful area-of-effect attack that throws enemies into a ballistic arc); or the powerful Force storm ability, which can blanket entire areas with deadly lightning strikes.

Depending on skill selection, the sorcerers may also gain access to various manipulative and detrimental Force powers that can immobilize or debilitate their targets, the vicious ability to drain their companion of health to improve their own power, or even the ability to sustain and restore their allies in battle.