The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Magazine Preview Tidbits

A poster on the Bethesda forums has rounded up some interesting tidbits from a preview published on German magazine PC Games. Some of it may not exactly come off as unexpected but it's still interesting stuff.
  • The map in the inventory will be slighty similar like Google Maps and will be in 3D
  • You cannot make notes on the map
  • Traders will be depending on what has been harvested, so if there is a cornfield in the city which gets destroyed by a fire, the traders in the city will run out of corn or you have to pay horrible prices
  • The wind is going to have influences on the water so there might be some ?crimps? (dunno if its the right word) on the water due to the wind and there will also be dynamic waves depending on the wind
  • Lockpicking is a minigame again
  • There will be 8-9 settlements besides the 5 major citys
  • Buying houses is in
  • There will be kids in the land of skyrim