Dungeon Siege III Odo's Journal, Entries 2-4

Since we last posted on Odo's Journal, it had one entry, so we've got a bit of catching up to do, as Dungeon Siege III's narrator's journal has been updated thrice since. Entry 2, Entry 3, Entry 4.
According to Marten Guiscard - who I left in charge at Castel du Marnay - a party of hooded assassins rode into the village of Chatelan in the early hours of the morning, on the 20th of Spring-harrow. In the village square, they met with a middle-aged man. We later learned that he was a former servant in the Montbarron household. This servant had been wandering the farmlands for several weeks, posing as a common vagrant, but secretly hunting for Sibylla Montbarron and her son. He led the assassins straight to the farmhouse where the Montbarrons had been hiding for the past eight years.

I don't know exactly what transpired in the house, except that Sibylla was slain - mercifully quickly, I'm told. The boy, Lucas, tried to defend his mother, but the assassins knocked him unconscious and set fire to the house. If not for another of my allies - the former Azunite priest, Lemuel - the Montbarron line would have been snuffed out. But Lemuel managed to reach the house in time to pull Lucas to safety. By then, Marten had galloped down from Castel du Marnay, and the two of them went after the assassins.