Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Blog

Star Wars: The Old Republic lead combat designer Georg Zoeller has once again taken to the game's official website to pen a blog entry covering the changes and enhancements they've made to the advanced classes system over the past few months. There's quite a bit of good info in the article, including how the skill trees are set up and what sort of role each of the advanced classes will play. The Imperial Agent:
Sniper (Roles: Mid - Long Range Damage Dealing)

Operative (Roles: Close - Mid Range Damage Dealing, Healing)

'¢ The Sniper's entire skill tree has been reworked to include PvP feedback from internal and external tests. The Sniper is now able to entrench himself, providing a viable initial counter against attacks that would previously knock him out of cover. The Sniper also gained Cover Pulse, a player triggered pulse mine that can knock an unsuspecting attacker away from the Sniper.
'¢ The Operative has received a number of updates aimed at providing an alternative, less cover dependent gameplay option if skilled accordingly. Operatives are now more viable in mid and close range combat, using their stealth field generator to approach the enemy unseen before delivering heavy burst damage with their energy blade.