Path of Exile Duelist Class Trailer and Q&A

In addition to revealing Path of Exile's Duelist class in a new two-minute trailer, Grinding Gear Games has spilled some details about the action RPG's second act and newly revealed hybrid profession in a two-page Q&A on GamePro. First, the trailer:

Then the usual snip from the interview:
GP: How do the acts work? Are they based on your progression as you go through the game?

JR: Yes. The game is divided into acts that generally have a specific theme and an overall story-line goal. You can still move back and forth between the areas of each act. In addition, each act contains a town near the beginning that serves as a hub for trade with other players and various quest related activities.


What's the Duelist class about?

JR: The Duelist is the first hybrid attribute class that we have announced. As a Strength/Dexterity class, he can dish out damage and move quickly in and out of combat. A typical dualist might wield a sword, an ax, or both at the same time. The Duelist is a challenge seeker who is motivated by the thrill of the fight. His skills strike a good balance between high damage and combos that allow him to strike as quickly as possible.