Blizzard Announces the Horadric Cube App, Crabby the Dungeon Helper, and More

I'm not sure why they decided to issue four different announcements on the same day, but Blizzard Entertainment has done just that! Not only are they returning to consoles with StarCraft Motion Overdrive, but they've also announced a Horadric Cube App that lets you transmute your unwanted apps into new apps, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness that utilizes Deep Dark® technology, and what is clearly their most innovative addition yet to World of Warcraft - Crabby the Dungeon Helper. Let's start off with the StarCraft Motion Overdrive announcement trailer:

Here's what you should expect from the Horadric Cube App:
Transmutation Infinite combinations = infinite fun

You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Cube app! Using this app, you can transform and recombine any number of other apps you drag into it. Use the Cube's transmute power, and the Cube's Horadric magic will change the existing apps into a new, potentially more powerful app. But beware! A terrible fate awaits those who do not heed the warnings contained within the ancient scrolls. You must not attempt to drag the cube into itself! No good can come of it! Seek out the disclaimer (section 2) for further information.


'¢ Transmute your apps into new, more powerful ones
'¢ Ninja Birds? Not a problem. Skyndle? Sure, why not. Faceville? You got it!
'¢ Intuitive, user-friendly interface
'¢ Discover new recipes and share them with your friends via the built-in Chat Gem
'¢ Unlock the secrets of the Horadrim

Will you brave the Tomb of Immortal Darkness?
Making use of cutting-edge Deep Dark® technology, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness is a new five-player normal and heroic dungeon that will be introduced in patch 4.1.11. Three new bosses, with unique features and mechanics, will put your group to the test: Omgsogoth, Dark Lord of Twilight; the maniacal Twisted Spiral Fool; and Duc Ulah, The Winged Keeper. Featuring new daily quests, updated monster models, and all-new unique loot, you'll find you really can't believe your eyes.

Face your greatest fears in the paralysing dark of the Tomb. Tremble as you stumble blindly towards Omgsogoth's chamber. Panic at the claustrophobic atmosphere, and feel terror cloud your senses. Will you find your way, or will you be lost, never to return?

And why hasn't anyone thought to add Crabby to their games before?
You're a hero. An adventurer. A sword-swinger or spell-slinger for hire. Whatever your character's motivation may be, if trouble doesn't find you, it's because you found trouble first. But what do you do when Asaad throws down a grounding field? How do you respond when the Faceless Corruptors enter Erudax's room? Eventually, you'll be thrown a curve ball that you can't catch. When that happens, you'll be glad to have Crabby at your side!

Crabby uses a complex and extensive set of context-sensitive situational heuristics to analyze your current status in real-time; that's tech talk for "Crabby always knows what's up." He watches your every move with his all-seeing eyes. Nothing escapes his unwavering gaze; not even the slightest nuance of your play style goes unnoticed. Before long, Crabby will know what you're going to do before you even do it. And he will use this knowledge to help.

Crabby is able to tell you exactly what's going on and what you should do. His many useful tips will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, where he hangs out, ever patiently, waiting for you to need his help. Of course, whether you follow his advice or not is entirely up to you; Crabby may possess an advanced level of artificial intelligence, but we're reasonably sure he doesn't have any feelings you could hurt. Reasonably sure. But just in case, the ability to remove Crabby has been disabled for now.