Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

Should you be wanting to brush up on your Star Wars: The Old Republic knowledge this morning, this preview of BioWare Austin's MMORPG on Brash Games will most likely do the trick.
Companions won't be passive either, and because it's unavoidable, here's another comparison to Mass Effect: like that game each will have an agenda. They're with you for a reason. Perhaps for a sense of adventure your journey rewards them with, or out of plain old greed. Some even shroud themselves in secrecy, not letting on why they've joined your cause until much later. And there's a nice diversity in the range of companions who join you. Droids, aliens, pirates and even royalty, all drawn from the huge supporting cast of characters from the Star Wars movies. But they won't ignore your leanings towards the light or the dark side. Action will have consequences and depending on how you approach certain situations, they can either end up becoming trusted allies, or mortal enemies. And yes, you can romance them.

Yet at the core of The Old Republic is a game that still sticks to some fundamental basics of the genre. Being by-the-numbers is no bad thing, especially when there are many features here that look to shatter the predictable. And yet, some features do seem to come across as (safe) rather than inventive. Specifically, the classes all seem to fall into rather comfortable templates. Each also allies under either the Jedi or Sith, giving the game two opposing factions and adding plenty of opportunities for some Player versus Player confrontations.