Don't Miss Out On Your Dragon Age II Bonus Items

Did you know that there are a total of 19 bonus items that BioWare has tied to various Dragon Age II promotions? Some of them are actually pretty simple to get, but they still require you to go through the motions to add them to your user entitlements page - and that's exactly what this list of bonus items and their acquisition steps on the official website is for. Interestingly enough, the list doesn't include the Evra's Might, Evra's Trophy Belt, Air of Confidence, Ivo Family Crest, and Dura's Blue Flame items that can be unlocked through the the Dragon Age Legends Facebook game. So I guess there are two dozen items total, then.

Also, you'll want to make a note that "all bonus items can be found in the Curio room chest in Gamlen's House (Act 1) or Player Mansion (after Act 1)."