Dungeon Siege III Previews

Two new previews have become available for Obsidian's upcoming hack 'n slash Dungeon Siege III, read on if you're thirsty for more information though the previews don't offer much. Game Dynamo.
A welcomed return to the series, Dungeon Siege III supports co-op. Both online and local four-player co-op to be precise, and we couldn't be happier about it. However, it's uncertain whether or not you can import your character into a buddy's game or not, but we're hoping that with all of the character customizations and equipment loadouts, Obsidian is kind enough to include character importing.
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The combat seems simple at first glance, but it can be quite satisfying once you realize how deeply tactical it can be. Every melee attack has a three-combo setup before you reach your heavy attack on the last strike, and when you block, you can execute a dodging maneuver to get you out of tough situations. Now, throw in unique character abilities and their multitude of enhancements, and you'll have a blast butchering any enemy. Not to mention, it will look great doing it too.

Dungeon Siege III, even when in motion, looks gorgeous. There are many subtle details in the art design; things like cultural influence in character models and background environments, beautiful hand-painted textures, vivid effects, smooth animations, and, of course, incredible transitional areas where lighting, shadows, and color blend so well, it could make a grown, bearded man cry. All of this is possible thanks to Obsidian's new Onyx engine, which was built specifically for Dungeon Siege III.