Mass Effect: Evolution Preview

The comic book mini-series' second issue is the subject of this Mass Effect: Evolution preview on the BioWare Blog. Images of the comic's first eight pages are provided along with this quick two-paragraph blurb:
Our friends at Dark Horse Comics have given us both cover images and the first 6 pages of issue #2 of Mass Effect Evolution. This is the new Mass Effect comic that gives you a look into one of Mass Effect 2'²s most memorable characters, the Illusive Man. Now in Issue #2 another of Mass Effect's memorable characters returns, Saren.

Check out the cover images illustrated by artists Massimo Carnivale and Joe Quinones. The story is written by Mass Effect 2 & 3 Lead Writer Mac Walters and teh comic is illustrated by Omar Francia. Issue #1 is on sale now and Issue #2 arrives at comic sops and other fine retailers on February 16.