Star Wars: The Old Republic's Flashpoints Detailed, Trailer

Building upon what we learned in GameSpot's Q&A last night, the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website is featuring a flashpoints section that summarizes their purpose while also profiling five such locations: The Esseles, The Black Talon, Taral V, Boarding Party, and Directive 7. We're also treated to a trailer for the Taral V flashpoint:

And here's a bit from their summary blurb:
Every Flashpoint takes a group of Imperial or Republic players through its own self-contained adventure, culminating in one of several outcomes based on player choices. You won't have to miss out on any of the story, though Flashpoints exist in specially instanced parts of the galaxy and can be repeated as often as you'd like. Flashpoints feature enemies that require skill and cooperation to defeat, and are much more challenging than single-player missions, but they offer valuable loot and rewards. Gather up your allies and get ready for explosive multiplayer action in Flashpoints!