15 Things to Know About The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

NowGamer has put together a list of fifteen important additions and modifications that Bethesda is making to the combat, magic system, world environment, characters, and engine in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For example:
In other words, you. In Skyrim, the Dragonborn are select group of people born with the inherent skill to slay dragons. And at the start of Skyrim, it's likely that the player character is the last remaining Dragonborn in Tamriel. As such, it's quite important that you concentrate on killing those blasted dragons.

As a Dragonborn, however, you'll also be able to learn unique abilities by absorbing the power of a dragon and learning its '╦ťshout'. There will be over 20 dragon shouts, formed from applying three words of power. How do you learn these abilities? By killing dragons, of course.

Esbern of the Blades
The Blades are an ancient group of warriors, who also featured in Oblivion, sworn to defend the Dragonborn. As a Dragonborn, then, you'll need to learn to get comfortable with their company even though only a few of this elite group remain.

Esbern will be the player's mentor throughout the game, and one of the main NPCs you will interact with. Esbern is well-versed in the prophecies of the Elder Scrolls, and as such understands the disaster that is about to befall the world. If you've seen the teaser trailer, then the voice you hear is Esbern; so we look forward to hearing him speak a little more.

The Greybeards are a society of mysterious old men who live at High Hrothgar. Considering these guys are known for their knowledge of the dragons, and the power they wield, it's almost a given that these will be important fellas for the Dragonborn to meet. Something tells us they'll be key to training the player into beating an unbeatable battle.