Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC Reviews

The reviews of Obsidian's Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas seem to be winding down a bit, though I was still able to find a half dozen new critiques after a bit of searching.

GameSpot gives it a 6.5/10:
Dead Money represents a change of pace for Fallout: New Vegas, though it's not a consistently enjoyable one. Tense, deliberate pacing gives way to aggravation as the game forces you to watch every step while you meander through its dull surroundings. Lest you forget this content's Fallout roots, however, there are numerous technical oddities to remind you of them. Activating VATS targeting while firing at a turret may get the game stuck in slow-motion purgatory for a minute or more; companions might get mired in the environment or inexplicably make their way to the rooftops while you traverse the streets below. Nevertheless, Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money's provocative characters and fantastic writing make it a tempting detour for Fallout fans aching for something new. You also get some bang for your buck here: depending on the thoroughness of your exploration, you could spend anywhere from four to eight hours on Dead Money for only 800 Microsoft points ($10). Here's hoping that New Vegas' next add-on sticks to what the game is good at rather than forcing its weakest gameplay mechanics on players who want to do things their own way.

BeefJack gives it a 4.0/10:
Everything broken about New Vegas itself is still broken here, even after multiple patches. I bought New Vegas on day one and it's still riddled with bugs. And the few bits of Dead Money I enjoyed were ruined by how boring, repetitive, annoying, and busted the rest of the DLC is.

MMGN gives it a "Good Buy" verdict:
For 800 Microsoft Points, and currently exclusive to Xbox 360, Dead Money is well worth a look for anyone who feel in-love with Fallout: New Vegas. It has a fairly engaging story, and injects horror into the survivalist style of gameplay. It's not for the fainthearted or anyone who struggled with New Vegas, but more serious fans will be absorbed by the new mini-world of Fallout.

Battle4 gives it a 5/5 (I think):
Dead Money does accurately what DLC is dictated to do. It extends a life of Fallout: New Vegas and gives we nonetheless another reason to come behind to a wasteland. It can be finished in around 6 hours and that's utterly a bit of calm for pretty labelled DLC. Much if not all of Dead Money is new to a Fallout junkie. New weapons, quests, characters, and gameplay elements make a knowledge fresh. And if we have tolerated a imperfections in a categorical game, Dead Money is a no brainer. If we were a small incited off by some of a problems, like myself, we competence wish to take a second demeanour during Dead Money given it's an glorious further to Fallout: New Vegas.

Capsule Computers gives it an 8/10:
Now Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money may not have added a whole bunch of weapons or enemies but it does have plenty of other things to offer. Besides the raise in level cap to 35 there is an intriguing story hidden inside of the always similar looking ruins of the Sierra Madre. Plus the companions you come across to accomplish your mission have as much, if not more, in-depth of a backstory as companions from the main game. There are even some hints as to what the next DLC could be about hidden if you look hard enough. The intriguing storyline and companion characters are more than worth the price of admission to the Sierra Madre.

And MSXbox-World gives it a 7.5/10:
Annoyances aside, at 800 points Dead Money is a steal, one that could be taken fresh from the Sierra Madre vaults themselves! A story that runs ripe with danger and intrigue, established by an interesting mix of deep and interesting characters, set off great with a fantastic foreboding atmosphere and all the usual Fallout joys and rewards. For any fan of New Vegas wanting to expand their time exploring and surviving within the ruined wastelands, Dead Money is worthy of your time, which I await the next episode in the New Vegas DLC series with baited, yet irradiated breath!