Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC Reviews

Yet another handful of Dead Money reviews are online and ready for the scrutiny of those of you contemplating a purchase of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC.

Hooked Gamers gives it a 6.0/10:
Dead Money has an eerie atmosphere and will keep you on your toes for the whole playing time. Plus it is quite difficult with some very frustrating sections. If you are a Fallout fan then Dead Money is worth the 800MSP, but if you are looking for something to play over the holidays you could do much better with your money.

PALGN gives it a "Maybe" verdict:
Dead Money is a reasonably well-written expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, but it's one that comes with a disclaimer. If the thought of navigating traps, poisonous clouds, bomb-detonating transmissions and immortal enemies in a kind-of Saw/Ocean's Eleven hybrid sounds like fun to you, then proceed directly towards Xbox Live. If not, then this mightn't be the expansion for you. Hints are dropped in Dead Money about a climactic upcoming DLC pack which may prove to be more compelling, but for now you probably won't be missing anything by waiting for the inevitable Game of the Year edition of New Vegas.

Gaming Lives doesn't score it:
Dead Money is a strange beast, one that, in the end, left me with the bitter taste of disappointment. Certainly not the worst DLC released (that would be the one-sitting only, grinding hell of Mad Moxxi's Underdome) and probably also not my least favourite Fallout DLC, but considering I classed New Vegas as my game of 2010, this DLC does not compliment it as it should. My verdict...get it on sale at half the price or bundled as a GOTY with the other DLC if you don't already own the main game.

Cheat Code Central gives it a 3.6/5:
Dead Money raises the level cap to thirty-five, throws in a few more perks, and is a pretty sweet deal at only ten dollars (800 MS Points). The campaign is surprisingly lengthy as well, clocking in at anywhere between eight to twelve hours depending on how many menial time wasters you perform at any given moment. Also, considering the difficulty, there is a recommendation that you play with a character that is level twenty or above, but I did fine with a starting level of eight and the hardcore setting on. So depending on how much punishment you can take, adjust accordingly.

Extreme Gamer gives it a 7.5/10:
Overall the 'Dead Money' add-on might not be perfectly constructed, but it is an interesting curve for Fallout: New Vegas, one that is worth the caps. If you have already jetted a fair share of hours into New Vegas, you will likely be satisfied with the content offered in 'Dead Money.' After all a Fallout fan is a Fallout fan. Although like the original DLC for Fallout 3, you take the hits with the misses, so expect a few bumps along the road.

And Platform Nation gives it an 8/10:
I had a good time with Dead Money. The story was pretty cool and the macabre atmosphere was a nice change of pace from the Fallout norm. If you are a fan of New Vegas, then you will more than likely pick this up. Throw in 5 more levels to the level cap and it's definitely worth the 800 points.