15 Things PC Gamer Wants in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The editors over at PC Gamer are offering up the latest list of improvements that many of us hope Bethesda implements during the development of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here are the two biggest ones for me:
2. Content that doesn't scale

We need to feel like leveling up makes us more powerful. If the whole world levels up with us, that sense is lost. It also makes the game world too even: nowhere is particularly dangerous in Oblivion because everything is so politely level-appropriate. Morrowind had some level-scaling, but enough fixed danger to feel wild, and enough genuine progression to be compulsive.


10. A proper PC interface

Come on, nerdy stats and inventory lists are what the PC was made for. Let us at .m. Oblivion's interface is capable of listing between THREE and SIX items at a time before you have to scroll. Same goes for the map if Bethesda have any idea how important a really good map can be to the sense of being in a fantasy world, the size of the damn thing in Oblivion didn't show it. These aren't huge issues, but look: modders fixed them in a day or two. If you seriously don't have anyone who can do that before release, hire those modders.

I know every cross-platform developer loves to say (All three versions are identical,) to wash their hands of the platform wars, but guys: they're not. One of them is played with a mouse and keyboard from two feet away. Notice this.