World of Warcraft: Then and Now

GameSpot has cranked out a two-page feature that not only summarizes the changes that Cataclysm will make to some of the most popular zones in World of Warcraft, but also provides a before-and-after screenshot of each area. Some of the changes you can expect from the game's cities:
Despite sustaining some significant damage during Deathwing's flyover, the city of Stormwind has never looked better. Pick a spot anywhere in the city, and you can't fail to notice that practically everything you're looking at has been lovingly redesigned or remodeled. Stand outside the city's stockades, for example, and you can see that streetlights, building exteriors, and even paving stones now look significantly better. In the distance you can see the ruins of what used to be the entrance to Stormwind's park and--even though World of Warcraft's draw distance has been improved--a distinct lack of trees.


To say that the capital city of the orcs has undergone some changes is an understatement. The entire area has been almost completely redesigned with a menacing theme in mind. Metal plates now reinforce many parts of the city walls and interiors, and seemingly even more large teeth adorn various structures. The Horde war chief, Garrosh, built a new structure in the middle of the Valley of Strength where he resides, waiting to give orders to members of the Horde. Additionally, there's an entirely new area for the goblins, called the Goblin Slums, which signals their post-Shattering alliance with the Horde.