What IGN Wants in Borderlands 2

IGN seems pretty confident that Gearbox Software is hard at work on a Borderlands sequel, so they've put together a list of features and tweaks that they'd like to have implemented this time around. Additional loot, a crafting system, more skill tree depth, and more choices during character creation are all covered:
Borderlands had four classes to choose from, but they never felt very customizable within their talent trees. Each class had only one specific power, and the other, passive abilities they had didn't do enough to make any one version of a class feel differentiated from another of the same type. For Borderlands 2 we'd love to see deeper talent trees, more akin to World of Warcraft or Diablo, where the points we spend when we level create a version of our class that feels truly specialized. Extra classes would always be cool too, but we'd settle for four core classes that could be developed into more sharply defined sub-classes via our choices.