Dragon Age II Newsletter Loot Technical Fix Coming

Remember when we told you that signing up for the Dragon Age II newsletter would score you exclusive loot (a Staff of Parthalan, to be exact)? Well, apparently not everyone has received their code, and a "technical fix" to address the problem isn't scheduled to take place until next year. So sayeth Chris Priestly:
Hi Folks

Sorry for the delay in getting you an update (I was away for 2 weeks on some personal time off).

The good news is we do have a technical fix to get everyone the staff who correctly signed up during the summer conventions or during the other appropriate time but has not yet received it yet.

The bad news is that you'll have to wait for the update a while longer for us to prove this.

Due to the amount of webwork we are doing currently (what with DAII coming, ME2 PS3, other stuff I can't talk about, the Christmas break, etc) we won't have the fix implemented until next year.

I know this will leave some of you uncertain until you see the actual code appear on your profile, and I understand this, but I wanted to provide an update rather than leaving you all hanging. So there will be an update next year once the fix is in and working and when you should all see the code appear.