Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money DLC Preview

Despite the fact that it's entirely based on Chris Avellone's short Q&A in Bethesda's latest newsletter, I suppose it might be worth checking out this Dead Money preview on RunDLC for a reworded summary. What to expect:
The only survivors? A mysterious group of crazies known as the Ghost People, a bunch of brutes in hazmat suits that capture folks and then drag them kicking and screaming into the city to meet some unknown fate.

As expected, a slew of rumors made the rounds, and it was only a matter of time before some people claimed that this dangerous place was actually a city of gold, where tons of riches were kept, just waiting for someone brave enough to come and claim them.

That said, only one man visited the area and lived to talk about it, a guy by the name of Father Elijah, member of the Brotherhood of Steel, but he stumbled upon it while searching for weapons to destroy the NCR. Travelers, though, should take heed when they hear radio broadcasts advertising the Sierra Madre's grand opening, as it seems to be a trap.