Fable III Understone Quest Pack DLC Reviews

Lionhead's Understone Quest Pack will be released later today, so it's not too surprising to see that there are already some reviews available for this first set of story-based Fable III DLC.

GamesRadar gives it a 6/10:
For 400 Microsoft points the Understone Quest Pack is a worthwhile purchase for those of us who could not get enough of Albion and its people, but for the majority of players there isn't any one thing in it that makes this pack a must-have.

FileFront gives it a 75/100:
So I enjoyed this whole thing. If this pack were free, it would be great. For $5, it's probably still a good time, but don't expect it to extend your game experience too terribly much, although it will net you a pretty solid number of guild seals.

411mania gives it a 6.4/10:
We had a free weapons pack, so I don't know why they didn't want to make this a free mission pack. All three quests can be completed within a few hours, and really don't have any reason to be revisited. Diehard Fable fans may be tempted to give this a look, but it'd probably be a better choice to hold off and wait for a better content pack to come along.

And then Co-Optimus does the impressions thing:
In my opinion 400 [MP] ($5) is about right for this type of pack. One new area (sadly still missing the Fable classics such as Oakvale), and a few minigames is fun enough but certainly not worth much more out of your pocket. With a higher level characters these minigames are also somewhat boring as the challenge is lost, especially the Wheel of Misfortune (You are virtually guaranteed to get the weapons on your first try if you've completed the main story). Once you get the weapon prize for doing outstanding in your score, there isn't really much reason go to back and play them again.