Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Q&A and Media

For this week's update to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website, BioWare Austin has provided us with a set of community questions answered by none other than lead writer Daniel Erickson, an editorial about the concept art creation process, and a bunch of wallpapers, smilies, and forum avatars for your art-craving needs. From the Q&A:
Q: When getting a group quest, can you get 4 Bounty Hunters or do you have a specific class requirement to start the quest? How will we know which quest we need?

A: You can make a group of any mix of classes, including four of the same. There are several play groups here that enjoy doing just that. Full Trooper groups seem to be the most popular and look pretty amazing coming over a hill.


Q: Are the origin planets simply starting grounds, or will we come back to them past level 10?

A: You definitely have reasons to come back. Korriban, for instance, is where the Dark Council often meets. There are also reasons later for all of the classes to go to some of the other classes' origin worlds. It's important to us that lower level characters get to see some high level players strutting their stuff early on.