Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

With five million units shifted, I doubt there are many people still waiting for more Fallout: New Vegas reviews to make up their mind. Still, it's always interesting to read other people's perspectives.

ZTGD gives it a 7.0/10:
I'm really torn on what to say about Fallout: New Vegas. I think that if you read this review and hear what I had to say about the game, and you still wanted to play it, go right ahead. There is a lot of fun to be had. I just want to convey all that I had experienced with the game. It's left up to you to decide if you want to drop the money on it. So, in closing, if you were to ask me personally if I could look past the bad things with the game and still enjoy it, I would say yes, but very reluctantly.

Game Vortex gives it a 90%:
In every way, Fallout: New Vegas is an absolutely amazing game full of deep characters and rich storylines that often times surpasses the efforts of Fallout 3 in many ways. Traditionally, Fallout fans agree that each game comes with its own set of problems and being able to look past them is necessary to really embrace the franchise. It's too bad that New Vegas has such big problems to look past, like a buggy quest system. At the end of the day, the best recommendation that I could offer New Vegas is the fact I spent nearly 30 hours just to write this review and I am eager to jump back in right away and get lost in the wastelands all throughout the next month. You won't find a deeper or more engrossing game this year and the time spent surviving the New Vegas Strip is time well spent.

Plugged In doesn't score it:
Suddenly all that retro-futuristic charm just doesn't feel so . charming. The gameplay is long, the storylines are complicated and things can melt down into a pile of oozing goo pretty quick in this New Vegas Wild West.

Impulse Gamer gives it a 9.5/10:
Who would have thought that Obsidian would make the next Fallout game as good as Fallout 3 and at times, it is far superior. The story is quite engaging and not only pays homage to the original Fallout games but expands on it but again, the star of the game is the in-depth RPG system and the sandbox experience that makes this one of the biggest games we have played in quite some time. There are a few glitches but even so, these do not hamper the gaming experience and if you're looking for value for money, than you have come to the right place my apocalyptic brothers and sister. Recommended!

Nerd Mentality doesn't score it:
When it comes down to it, Fallout: New Vegas will be loved or hated in the same way that Fallout 3 was loved and hated. Fallout is so much a genre bending-game that it has as much chance to alienate a player as it does to endear them. But as far as a gameplay experience goes it's something that has to be played. Fallout: New Vegas, for all its glaring technical glitches, is a wonderful game that will give you back as much as you put into it. And in a gaming world that seems to be constantly waiting for the next blockbuster first person shooter to come out, the irradiated Mojave desert is a breath of fresh air.

CPU Gamer gives it an 8.5/10:
These were all issues that I found either easy to overlook or bear, because when New Vegas was functioning the way it was supposed to, it was so good. Sooner or later, unofficial patches will take care of all the unsightly problems, but I still encourage you to play it now. If you didn't like Fallout 3 for specific reasons, like its weak writing, then you'll love New Vegas, warts and all. If you liked Fallout 3, you will find what you liked in New Vegas and possibly more. I can't think of a better RPG that has come out in 2010. Obsidian has made an outstanding game and someday, they'll crank out a product that isn't barely holding itself together, but until that day, New Vegas has so much of what makes RPGs so great influencing the events and people around you, the joy of discovery and playing a role in a world that matters.

And PlayStation Illustrated gives it an 87%:
The similarities between Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are fairly obvious to the point you could probably get away with labeling it "Fallout: 3.5." To this point, your enjoyment of New Vegas will depend greatly on your opinion of Fallout 3. Changes have been made (mostly for the better), though they aren't so drastic to win over players who weren't into Fallout 3.