Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

The barrage of Fallout: New Vegas reviews continues, as quite a few new critiques of Obsidian's latest effort have permeated the web over the past few days.

Resolution Magazine gives it a 9/10:
Fallout New Vegas is an excellent game with only a few nits to pick. The visuals are looking a little dated now and the occasional bug can completely ruin the immersion, such as characters heads rolling off their necks and enemies getting stuck in the environment, but there's nothing major getting in the way of all the fun. On our playthrough I experienced only a handful of bugs and in no instant did it prevent me from continuing. The improvements are welcome and in some cases charisma and speech skill game changing, and it all comes together to create an exceptionally immersive experience. Prepare to lose yourself once again to the wasteland.

Square Go gives it a perfect 5/5:
Fallout New Vegas manages to keep all that was great about Fallout 3 and blow it away with even more depth and gameplay modes to enjoy.

Wired doesn't score it:
This follow-up to Bethesda's celebrated open-world role-playing game features a setting that's far more enticing than a bombed-out Washington, D.C., with glitzy casinos marking a significant improvement over endless subways and roadblocks. While you won't find any ramshackle shanty cities as creative as Megaton, you will find a wider variety of locales, ranging from a Roman-inspired tribal camp to a nut-infested Air Force base.

Ten Ton Hammer gives it an "A":
New Vegas had the unenviable task of following a legend, but it pulled it off in true high roller fashion. Taking the existing formula of edge of your seat combat, detailed quests, fascinating exploration and tossing in a dash of cool is a recipe for success no matter how you stir it up. Those new to the franchise will undoubtedly want to go back and explore the previous adventures after getting their fill here, but remember what happens in New Vegas, stays in New Vegas.

Bits n' Bytes gives it a 9/10:
Fallout: New Vegas is just about everything that fans expected, and then some. It seems like there is a little bit more freedom this time around with how the player decides their fate. While the world may not as be as immense as the Capital Wasteland, there are more locations, which means more quests and more chances to make your character stronger. Combat is more fun and challenging and exploration of the wasteland is less strenuous this time due to the closeness of each area to another because of the electricity provided by the Hoover Dam. This isn't a game that can be played overnight, but rather over a few days due to the extent of the story and the duration of quests. There are a lot of things to do and a whole world to explore, so get out there and as the game's commercials always say, (Enjoy Your Stay) in New Vegas.

Extreme Gamer gives it an 8.3/10:
Fallout: New Vegas is an epic journey that matches the magnitude of Fallout 3. New Vegas will take away your social life and breed a new game addicted wasteland crawling creature. While it might not be the prettiest game on the market, you can't deny the substance and bang for your buck. Sure, I would have liked New Vegas to be more like what I expect out of Fallout 4. However, Obsidian did a good job improving the core mechanics while deepening both the RPG and FPS elements. Fallout: New Vegas will appeal to anyone who loves blowing heads off a super-mutant and exploring strange new lands. This is adventure on the grandest scale and we love it.

ME Gamers gives it an 8.6/10:
Very good but not perfect just about sums this one up. Fallout New Vegas will be played for at least a couple of years again and again. New harder modes that require you taking care of your character more (Feeding him/her and regular supply of water) means the game can be played twice or 3 times and feel completely different each time. Having 3 possible endings will surely help this game stay in your console for a while too. We would recommend Fallout New Vegas to every gamer out there for the story alone and how you create the twists with your very own hands. Gamers that are looking for a quick causal experience however should surely look elsewhere; this one requires time and concentration.

gameSlave gives it an 8.0/10:
So, to throw the dice one last time, Fallout: New Vegas, is a slightly enhanced Fallout 3 set in a new location with a more succinct plot, more weapons, perks, ammo, enemies and bad decisions waiting to be made. If you loved Fallout 3, you'll love this, but be prepared to overlook the numerous bugs if you want to make it big in Sin City. Viva New Vegas.

PS3 MMGN gives it a 9.0/10:
Fallout New Vegas is another sequel that is marginally better than its predecessor, and yet not quite deserving of the same accolades. Fallout 3 revolutionized the series and was a true unique experience. New Vegas expands that with much better writing and improved quests. The Mojave Wasteland is a joy to explore and the improved RPG elements take Fallout closer to its roots. It's the true re-boot of the Fallout series, but wouldn't be here without the groundwork of Fallout 3. The aging technology and ridiculous amount of glitches hold it back to an extent; however, the recent patch has fixed most of the pressing issues in what is a highly immersive action RPG.

GameFocus gives it a 7.9/10:
From the new crafting and weapon options to the massive amount of quests, the game turned into a Jack of all Trades, but master of none. There's a lot within the package, but none of it was done particularly well. The story was a bit lackluster, the environments, while somewhat new, had a '˜been there, done that' feel to them. And the glitches were difficult to turn a blind eye to because of it. Is New Vegas bad? No, not really. It just doesn't reach the same heights as it's predecessor. If you loved Fallout 3 and are looking for more 23rd century action, then New Vegas should satisfy you to no end. If not, then you might want to pass since the new variances implemented here are not enough to change anyone's mind.

PS3 Vault gives it a 7/10:
A war is brewing, so who's side will you take? Will you fight for justice with the NCR? Will you choose to help The Legion topple their enemies? Or will you brave the wasteland alone, making no friends and taking no prisoners? It's all down to you. New Vegas never forces choices on you, it only gives you all the options and advice you need to take whatever moral stance you feel will best fit your game play. And hey, if you get completely bored of all the fighting going on around you, why not just go to the Vegas strip and gamble your caps away in the casinos! If you're ready to commit to the epic undertaking of this task, Fallout: New Vegas is definitely worth your time and effort. Though many bugs still crop up now and then, I can guarantee that fans of the series will not be disappointed with it.

Thumbpad gives it a 9/10:
Overall, this game was a joy to play, and I found it to be more deserving the title of Fallout 3 than the actual Fallout 3 was. Outdated engine and bugs aside, I'd love to see Obsidian develop further Fallout games, they know exactly how to handle the franchise and do it perfect justice.

Badass Panda gives it an 8.5/10:
Obsidian Entertainments have done a great job with not only keeping up with the standard of Fallout 3, but also bringing back some of the sparkle from the classic Fallout games. The game is very enjoyable, but it is still very buggy, but that is something that can be fixed in time. Despite its problems, New Vegas is a brilliant return to the world of Fallout.

And then G4's X-Play gives it a 4/5 in their video review.