Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

Ready for another batch of favorable Fallout: New Vegas reviews? I thought so. Computer Games Romania starts us off with a score of "A-":
As long as freedom prevails in this irradiated frontier, adventure awaits for the ready and yearns for the able. The fool can wander for weeks in any direction and return with a trove of rifles, skill books, and Nuka-Cola Victories. Here, the air hangs upon the tittering of fate, and the world can be shaped by the will of one and the luck of another. War never changes - so it is said - but the dice has been thrown, the risks have been cast, and New Vegas is calling our bets.

WorthPlaying gives it an 8.0/10:
Looking past its mutated scars is the only way to enjoy Fallout: New Vegas, both for expatriates from the wastes of the District of Columbia and veteran Desert Rangers who have followed the series since the PC days. If you can soldier past what makes it feel as battered as its namesake and push aside its past baggage, potential survivors might find that New Vegas' odds are worth betting on.

GameFreaks gives it a 9/10:
It would be very easy to see New Vegas as nothing more than a copy of Fallout 3, or even just a rather nice expansion. That would be wrong, however. Fallout: New Vegas is a title which manages to surpass its Game of the Year predecessor. The addition of a more nuanced dialogue and social interation system, along with the tweaks to combat make it a joy to sink 100 or so hours into. Add to that a compelling set of quests, a well written plot and a series of interesting characters and you've got no reason not to head to the Strip.

MyGamerTalk gives it an 8.0/10:
If you enjoy RPGs or are a Fallout fan in general, New Vegas is a must buy. But if you are skeptical because of the rumblings about bugs and other issues, it wouldn't hurt to at least give it a try.

Games Xtreme gives it a 9.6/10:
Regardless of the little bugs and glitches, this is a better game than 3 due to the atmosphere, attention to detail and the amount of fun you can have. I would also dare to say that this is a far more direct sequel to Fallout and Fallout 2 than 3 was...and I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment. There's a lot to do in this game and there's a lot of hidden content if you can find it...

And Britxbox gives it an 8/10:
New Vegas is a creatively dense and atmospheric RPG, but your enjoyment will ultimately rely on your tolerance for unavoidable bugs. It's an essential purchase for RPG fans but those who didn't click with the previous outing may be better off looking elsewhere.