World of Warcraft Expansion Digital Downloads Exclude Cinematics

Those of you who planned to pick up the digital version of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm should know that it won't contain the pre-rendered cinematics and cutscenes that the boxed version will. In fact, the digital versions of earlier expansions will be modified to drop them, as well. Blizzard must be implementing some bandwidth cost-cutting measures to save money:
Alright, so we've completed the investigation and it appears that from this point forward, the digital download will no longer include the game Pre-rendered Cinematics/Cutscenes as part of the download. As such the Wrath loading cinematic, Wrathgate, etc... will no longer be installed with the game when using the digital streaming download. This may change in the future(no promises, heh) however for right now they are not part of the digital download.