Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

A two-page preview of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic has been posted by Hooked Gamers, during which they briefly cover much of what's been revealed about the MMORPG to date. On companions:
Companions have always been a big part of Bioware's games, including classic ones such as Carth Onasi, HK-47, Alistair, Morrigan, Garrus and Wrex. The Old Republic is no different, and in fact brings a completely new idea to an MMO. Everyone needs a companion to stick by them and help them out when times get hard, but MMOs have never really had companion characters to the same degree that an RPG do.

Although The Old Republic is an online game where you can play with other people, you will still gain your own group of colorful characters unique to each class. They will interact with you, fight beside you, defend you, become friends with you, fall in love with you or even turn on you. Players will interact with these companion characters in the same way that they would in any other game. They will accompany players on missions, help out in battles, and voice their opinions in conversations and chat with you on your ship during down time. They can also be equipped and upgraded as you become more powerful. The inclusion of companions in a MMO is a bold move and one that will hopefully work well.