World of Warcraft: Everyone Hates Their Class

IGN brings us an overview of the World of Warcraft class panel that Blizzard hosted during this weekend's BlizzCon, which briefly covers the Q&A session before moving into the team's plans for class tweaks moving forward.
Paladin damage has shifted more towards the physical end of the spectrum lately as a response to the fact that holy damage, which was the Paladin's other main damage type, can't be resisted by normal means. The change in resources for Paladins to the addition of holy power (more akin to Rogue combo points) was intended to give paladins "more gameplay for their resource," with the devs also stating that mana simply didn't feel right for the class. The Consecration ability was also addressed, with the longer cooldown being explained; the class developers wanted Paladins to make a conscious decision to use the ability based on the situation, rather than use it whenever it was available.

The Rogue off-hand weapon mechanic might be considered for change in the future to give rogues a little more flexibility in their choice. As it stands, the fastest weapons are typically considered the best for the Rogue off-hand slot, and those are usually daggers. It was also acknowledged that the combat talent tree for Rogues could use some work, and that the developers intend for it to play similarly to the Mage's arcane tree.

When Druid ability Wild Mushroom was cited as lackluster by one of the attendees, a developer replied that he believed that most people simply didn't know how to use it properly yet. He said that using it at the spawn point of adds (extra enemies) during a boss fight made it one of the best methods of add-grabbing for Druid tanks.