Fallout: New Vegas Perk Profiles

GameSpot provides a look at some of the new perks that we'll be allocating to our characters in Fallout: New Vegas (and by "new", we mean relative to Fallout 3).
Jury Rigging

Required Character Level: 14
Required Attributes/Skills: Repair 90
You possess the amazing ability to repair any item using a roughly similar item. Fix a trail carbine with a hunting rifle, a plasma defender with a laser pistol, or even power armor with metal armor. How does it work? Nobody knows.except you.

Tess Treadwell: If you pick up jury rigging, you're already halfway to [the game's highest] level, and the repair skill is obviously important to you because you've almost maxed it out. So this skill will reward you for this by making the repair skill even more useful.

Jason Fader This perk is amazing. Often, I'll pick up every weapon I can find. Expanding my repair options means I don't have to find the exact weapon or armor to repair something. Since weapons and armor weigh quite a bit, this will come in handy for those travelers out there that like to loot everything they see.

Math Wrath

Required Character Level: 10
Required Attributes/Skills: Science 70
You are able to optimize your Pip-Boy's VATS logic, reducing all AP costs by 10 percent.

Jason Fader: This perk has a warm place in my heart. Since I'm a techie kind of guy, any perk that involves science is immediately on my wishlist. Oh, and I use VATS. constantly, so more AP equals more awesome, slow-motion kills