Other Stuff
Angus McAngry's Jig [PotSC]

Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals [SoU]

Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals [SoU]

Brooch of Shielding [SoU]

Censer of Controlling Air Elementals [SoU]

Crest of the Enforcer [SG]

Crest of the Guardian [SG]

Crest of the Redeemer [SG]

Crystal of Concentration [SoU]

Deadman's Boon [PotSC]

Deck of Hazards [SoU]

Demonic Grappling Hand [HotU]

Devil's Mask [PotSC]

Dust of Appearance [SoU]

Dust of Disappearance [SoU]

Gem of Brightness [SoU]

Gem of Seeing [SoU]

Gift of the Dryad [SoU]

Golden Chalice of Lathander [SoU]

Greater Prism of Negativity [PotSC]

Haunting Portrait [PotSC]

Healer's Kit +1

Healer's Kit +3

Healer's Kit +6

Healer's Kit +10

Horn of Listening [SoU]

Instrument of the Inquisition [SoU]

Lantern of Revealing [SoU]

Lens of Detection [SoU]

Lesser Prism of Negativity [PotSC]

Lock of Hair [PotSC]

Lucky Squid Tentacle [PotSC]

Magic Electrifier [SoU]

Major Prism of Negativity [PotSC]

Maztican Statuette [PotSC]

Minor Prism of Negativity [PotSC]

Moderate Prism of Negativity [PotSC]

Ointment of Stone to Flesh [SoU]

Old Tom's Trinket [PotSC]

Poly's Crystal Egg [PotSC]

Poly's Golden Egg [PotSC]

Poly's Mangy Feathers [PotSC]

Poly's Parrot Tongue [PotSC]

Poly's Precious Droppings [PotSC]

Prayer Bag [SoU]

Prayer to the Overgod [SoU]

Relic of the Reaper [HotU]

Relic of the Reaper (Upgraded) [HotU]

Saintsblood Pearl

Scabbard of Blessing

Scale of Discipline [SoU]

Signal Mirror [PotSC]

Small Firekeg [PotSC]

Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals [SoU]

Stowaway [PotSC]

The Avatar [SoU]

Thieves' Tools +1

Thieves' Tools +3

Thieves' Tools +6

Thieves' Tools +10

Thieves' Tools +12 [HotU]

Tome of Worldly Knowledge [SoU]

Vix'thrite Tome [HotU]

Wooden Eye [PotSC]