Feros: Tunnels
Feros: Tunnels

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1 - Arrival

As soon as you make the transition into the tunnels from the Feros: Zhu's Hope map, you'll witness a colonist running up the stairs in an attempt to escape some Geth. The colonist dies, but you can at least avenge their death by taking out those responsible: a Geth Recon Drone, a Geth Trooper, and a Geth Stalker .

2 - Water Valve #1

This is the first of three water valves that you must open to complete the "Feros: Water Restoration" assignment.

3 - Geth Resistance

Two more Geth Troopers and a Geth Shock Trooper inhabit this hallway. Luckily, there's plenty of cover.

4 - Water Valve #2

This is the second of three water valves that you must open to complete the "Feros: Water Restoration" assignment.

5 - Varren Alpha and Power Cell

When you approach this doorway, you'll be shown a short cutscene revealing several ferocious-looking Varren in the debris-strewn room beyond. Once inside, you'll have to kill five standard Varren, as well as the Varren Alpha that Davin told you about back in Zhu's Hope.

With all six Varren dead, search the battered vehicle along the east wall to recover a power cell that should fix the power shortage at Zhu's Hope. With the Varren Alpha dead, you've also solved the problem with the colony not being able to hunt Varren for food. Just make sure you return to both May and Davin to report the good news.

Before exiting the collapsed bridge area, ransack the sludge canister and malfunctioning object near the disabled vehicle for a handful of random items.

6 - Geth Snipers

Careful! Two Geth Snipers are perched up on a ledge in front of you when you pass through this door. A Geth Assault Drone and Geth Shock Trooper will also join the fray shortly after you enter the area.

7 - Transmitter Tower

Three tough Krogan Warriors are guarding the transmitter tower that Fai Dan told you about back in Zhu's Hope. Once you've dealt with them, you can open fire on the tower to permanently take it out of service. Its destruction will earn you a nice experience and credit bonus.

Don't forget to loot the nearby technician kit and upgrade kit before returning to the main section of the tunnels.

8 - Water Valve #3

This is the third and final water valve that you must open to complete the "Feros: Water Restoration" assignment. With the job complete, you should return to Macha Doyle in Zhu's Hope.

9 - Geth Resistance

The end of this hallway is inhabited by a Geth Trooper, a Geth Shock Trooper, a Geth Sniper, and a Geth Destroyer.

10 - Ian Newstead

Ian appears to be one of the colonists from above, but he's obviously suffering some some sort of serious mental trauma. Every time forming a complete sentence, he winds up screaming in pain. About the only thing you can make sense out of is that he wants you to talk to Fai Dan about something. You can either leave him alone for two Paragon points or put him out of his misery for two Renegade points. Either way, two Geth Troopers approach from the south and attack your squad when the conversation ends.

11 - Geth Resistance

On your way back to Zhu's Hope, you'll be forced to fighter another group of Geth: a Trooper, a Shock Trooper, and a Destroyer.




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