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Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle

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March 25th, 1993
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Game Description

Six months since Castle Britannia was saved from the Guardian's Blackrock Dome, the Avatar and his Companions are sent out to search for the fugitive Batlin.

Their journey takes them to the Serpent Isle, a land occupied by people who reject Lord British's "tyrannical" Virtues. Batlin is found, but is destroyed by the Guardian, whom Batlin was plotting against.

The three Banes of Chaos take control of the Companions. The forces of Chaos - having upset the balance of the cosmos - must be subdued by the Avatar. One of the possessed Companions - the brave Dupre - sacrifices himself to restore Balance and save Britannia.

With balance restored, the Guardian abducts the Avatar and the two disappear to an unknown world...
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