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Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
December 10th, 1990
Platforms :
Genre :
Perspective :
Third-Person, Top-Down
Series :

Game Description

The gargoyles - a race that had long resided in the Underworld - attacks Britannia, claiming that the Codex is theirs.

Believing the Avatar to be an evil being who seeks to destroy their race, they attempt to kill him with a Moongate trap.

The Avatar is saved by the Companions and soon learns that the gargoyles are not evil, but rather misled and scared. He recognizes similarities between gargoyle philosophy and the Britannian Virtues.

Recognizing that the Codex is both a touchstone of reason and virtue and a point of great contention between the races, he uses the Vortex Cube to send it into the Void. Two mystical Lenses are then given to the kings of men and gargoyles so that they may both view the Codex in the Void and learn the truth from its wisdom.
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