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Ultima IX: Ascension

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
October 31st, 1999
Platforms :
Genre :
Perspective :
Theme :
ESRB Rating :
ESRB Descriptors :
Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence
Series :

Game Description

The Avatar returns to Britannia for a final confrontation with the Guardian - who has stolen the Runes of Virtue and used them to create eight huge columns designed to tear Britannia apart physically while corrupting the Virtues of her people.

It is revealed that the Guardian is actually the dark mirror of the Avatar's Virtuous self. The only way Britannia can be saved is for the Avatar to ascend to a higher plane of existence while taking the Guardian with him.

Realizing that the Runes of Virtue must be restored at all cost, the Avatar casts the powerful Armageddon spell on himself and the Guardian, merging the two and sending them out of Britannia and onto a higher plane.

In doing so, the Avatar saves Britannia for a final time.
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