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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
December 9th, 1985
Genre :
Perspective :
First-Person, Top-Down
Series :

Game Description

With Exodus defeated, the Era of Darkness comes to an end and peace spread across the land.

In honor of Lord British - the realm is renamed Britannia. With the threat of destruction eliminated, Lord British turns his attention to his people whose lives have become misguided and beset by disunity.

To correct this, he creates the Eight Virtues and calls for a great hero to master them and become the Avatar - the embodiment of good.

Returning to Britannia, the Stranger endeavors to master each of the Virtues, in the process meditating at shrines, braving perilous dungeons and seeking aid from seven great Companions. Together with these Companions, the Stranger braves the great Stygian Abyss, uncovers the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom and becomes the Avatar.
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