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Ultima III: Exodus

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
December 7th, 1983
Genre :
Perspective :
First-Person, Top-Down
Series :

Game Description

Despite the deaths of Mondain and Minax, their influence remains.

It is soon discovered that their dark union has brought into being an entity known as Exodus. As before, Exodus unleashes dark hordes of monsters upon Sosaria and once again Lord British summons the Stranger who appears with a trio of allies.

Together, they fight their way through numerous dungeons - their flesh seared in the process by four markings.

Weary from fighting, they travel to Ambrosia, where they meditate at shrines and collect four mysterious cards. Returning to battle, they banish the Great Earth Serpent and enter Exodus' castle. Slaying his minions, they face Exodus at last.

Using the four cards, Exodus is destroyed and the resulting aftershock remakes the world one final time.
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