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Role-Playing, Simulation, Strategy
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Two hundred years ago, the galaxy was ravaged by war.  Planets reduced to cinders with all of their inhabitants.  Fleets representing the industrial production of hundreds of worlds vaporized in mere hours. War on such a scale could not last long, but it did not have to. With most of the known galaxy a smoldering ruin, interstellar trade broke down, and even worlds initially left untouched suffered greatly trying to gain self-sufficiency.

The story of Starfarer concerns a sector largely untouched by the war.  Humanity has been slowly slipping into anarchy, though some outposts of civilization remain.  It is a time of frequent conflict, rampant piracy, and shifting allegiances.  A time of great profit for the few traders able to ply the old trading routes.  A time of great danger and greater opportunity.

• Single player, gritty, dystopian sci-fi setting
• Classic top down gameplay style enhanced by modern technology
• Unique character development system – advance your story,  your way
• Assemble a large, powerful fleet or a finely-tuned task force with hand-picked officers and crew
• Outfit hulls with your weapons of choice, and add  ship systems to create crushing tactical combinations
• Explore hundreds of star systems to find habitable worlds, rich resource deposits, and advanced alien technology
• Impact the inter-stellar economy with your decisions – decide the fate of entire planetary systems
• Fight to bring stability and prosperity to the sector – or watch it burn while you take advantage of the chaos
• Runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows
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