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Legend of the Red Dragon Part II: The New World

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December 11th, 1992
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Game Description

Welcome back to the mythical realms of the Red Dragon. With a stunning new ANSI interface we are propelled back to the time of warriors, mages, heroes, and heroines. It is again the time of the Red Dragon.

You wake up early, strap your sword to your back, and head out to the Town Square seeking adventure, fame, and honor.

You decide to follow your instincts. To get better at what you've always done best. So you decide to lead a dishonest lifestyle. Of course, your ultimate goal will always be to join the Master Thieves Guild. To arrive, remember one thing, "Even thieves have honor."

• Character Interaction
• Zelda-like ANSI Graphics
• An odd sense of humor you just can't get anywhere else
• Developer's Kit and addons available
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